Who are we?

    We are a young married couple who love travelling, so we planned our honeymoon in the best way possible for us: making a World Tour by bike. Ainhoa has a PhD in History (specialized in Japanese history) and Gabriel is an environment educator, but we both worked as shop-assistants in Spain. We have done some trips by bike before: a little tour around Netherlands, the St James Way, and a 5 week trip around Japan.

     After this, we had plenty of time and space at home, so we have been very fortunate to host extraordinary people and learn from their travels at the same time we were preparing our trip around the world. Since April 2014, we are on the road. At this moment we have travelled along Spain, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. Next destinations are towards south east of Europe (Montenegro, Albania, Greece...) so we expect to enter Turkey at the beginning of Spring 2015. We are travelling taking it very easy and we do not really have a planned route (without GPS!! only paper maps and not always), we are open to any recommendation. We just want to learn, know and enjoy as much as we can along the trip and life. This trip is helping us to know what we want to build when we finish the journey. We are interested in permaculture, natural medicine, unschool education and life close to nature. Also, we are vegetarian (and yes, it's not impossible to be vegetarian living in this way!). In the future we would like to have our own little farm, in a selfsuficient way. That's why from time to time we try to volunteer in farms through Workaway.

    In this blog we try to show our lifestyle, we don't want to write a travel blog (or rewrite the Lonely Planet based on our experiences...), but express our feelings and tell the stories of the people we meet in the road, and we hope to be able to write a book when we finish this trip. This is the story of a trip to nowhere, because the most important think it's not the destiny but he road.

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